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Choose either our monthly, 3 months or 6 months plan. You may cancel your subscription at anytime.

We dispatch your box

We ship all boxes on the 21st of the month. All orders placed before the 21st will receive the current months box. Orders placed on or after the 21st will be dispatched the following month.

It's piggie time!

It’s the best bit, you get to spend time with your piggies and watch as they enjoy the fabulous goodies.

What's Inside

A new collection every month.

Every box has at least 2 fun toys, 2 bags of all natural treats and 1 surprise item. We lovingly pack these inside a yummy cardboard box and include a Piggie Box flyer listing all ingredients, our charity of the month, and exciting Pigge Box news.

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Only Healthy Products

No dangerous ingredients here!

It is unfortunately far too common to see products sold in pet stores as for safe guinea pigs that contain either dangerous, or unhealthy ingredients. We carefully choose all products to ensure our boxes never contain hidden nasties such as large unprocessed whole seeds, dairy, egg, or corn kernel ingredients.

Supporting Rescues

Helping piggies in need!

We are proud to give back to the piggie community by donating a portion of our profits to help support piggies who don’t have a human to call their own. Each month we feature and send goodies to a guinea pig rescue, as well as sponsoring competitions, donating prizes, and helping as much as possible throughout the year. Please contact us with any suggestions for our next featured charity.

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