Our Story

Where our adventure began...

We launched our first brand "Happy Bunny Club" in early 2015 providing monthly boxes of healthy toys and treats to bunnies all over the world. We made sure those boxes were piggie friendly, but we have always wanted to launch a dedicated guinea pig subscription box to provide a better experience to our piggie friends. After several years in the making we are delighted to introduce you to Piggie Box! 

Through Piggie Box we want to focus on guinea pig specific products that best reflect the unique diets and play styles of piggies, as well as continue our goal of bringing  high quality toys & treats that don't contain any hidden nasties to our furry friends.  We only work with the best brands, to find the best products, so that your piggie only gets the best that there is. This way, we can help ensure your piggie is getting a healthy, varied diet, and enough toys to keep them happy and stimulated. You won't find any ingredients such as large unprocessed whole seeds, dairy, egg, or corn kernels in our boxes.

We are so excited to be on this new adventure and hope you will join us too!

For a Good Cause

We want to make the world a bit brighter for piggies!

We want to help those guinea pigs that have unfortunately found themselves at rescue centres to live a happy and healthy life whilst they wait for their forever homes. Each month we select a new organisation to be our 'Charity of the Month', that we feature in our monthly newsletter, on our social media, and to receive some special goodies from us. 

We are keen to help both local and international charities, so if you run a rescue or would like to recommend an organisation that is helping guinea pigs please email us at support@piggiebox.com and we'll see what we can do to help!