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Christmas Eve Tray


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Product Description

Santa's coming, so best be ready! Or just give your best friend our hay-coated nibble tray with its crunchy carrots, confetti of edible flowers and bed of pea flakes - set in a glaze to make them challenging to eat. There's even a portion of 'reindeer food' - either for Santa's hooved helpers or for your little furry.

Composition: Lignocellulose (31%), pea flakes (27.4%), meadow hay (14.1%), vegetable starch, dried carrot (7.7%), oat flakes, coconut, calendula blossoms (1.5%), rose blossoms (1.5%), cornflowers (1.5%), vegetable oil. The tray and it's contents are designed for rabbits, rodents (and even reindeer!) to eat. But not humans!

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